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Installation :

Start MSI File and Follow Instruction, it's straight forward...

Using :

  • First you have to create a User, Click on the Button User, Type "First Name" and "Last Name", Click on the Button "Add User"
  • Choose user in der Grid and Click OK
  • Now you can Add a Day by Clicking the Button on the Right Side near DropDown
  • Add your Weight for this day and Click Ok
  • Now you can Add Food for this Day
    • In the SearchBox, you can Search (like the Name says ;-) for Food
      • If you find it, enter the Amount in Gramm and Click Add ==> It will be Added to the Type (Breakfast, Lunch etc..) it is Choosed by RadioButton
  • If Not, you can add a New Foodstuff, Go To the "Edit" Tab, Click "Edit Foodstuff DB", Add your new Food in the New Line under the Foodstuff Grid

That's it, the Calculations are all done in the Programm

After a While, you can Look your Progress in the Graph Tab...

Good Luck.

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